About Us

The Big Kids’ Table, founded by Howard graduate Brooke Baker, is our decision to create celestial and monumental changes for your mind, body, career, and for communities. This conference achieves this goal through a blend of intensive workshops, conscious curriculum, mind-blowing itinerary, and transforming teachings and turn up! The Big Kids' Table hosts a series of international and national conferences designed for those seeking new horizons both literally and figuratively. We provide safe and free-thinking spaces to inspire the our attendees to reach their highest potential and become change makers that redefine the realm of possibility for their future - Now say that three times and let's get to work!



The Homecoming Caribbean Retreat is the ultimate trip that provides an unapologetic Black and HBCU Homecoming experience to all that attend. This trip is a creative utopia that emulates the empowering and unforgettable experience of historically Black colleges/universities, otherwise known as HBCU’s. This trip caters to Black and Brown students, alumni, and/or professionals. This 5-day trip is designed to unify, empower, enrich, and magnify all in attendance as we have curated an interactive schedule filled with activities, speakers, and opportunities. The locations of the 2022 HOMECOMING Caribbean Retreat include Miami, Nassau Bahama, Half Moon Cay, Grand Turk. Onboard of the Carnival Sunrise cruise ship there are plenty opportunities to enjoy yourself on this trip!


In addition to these amenities the BKT team is offering multiple events centered around the advancement of Black and Brown communities, culture, activism, financial literacy, entrepreneurship, minorities in corporate America, and on how to turn your dreams to reality. We are excited to welcome all who are interested and look forward to seeing you there!!

*Any content (i.e. pictures, videos, gifs, memes, etc.) taken or created by members of the BKT team during the trip is owned outright by The Big Kids Table. BKT reserves the right to use this content at it's own discretion.