Payment Plans

Please contact us at directly with any questions, comments, or concerns
 Decide which cabin you’d like to stay in! We also offer single, group rooms (available between three to five occupants in a room), and group rates. Please email to inquire about pricing.

 Upon deciding cabin preference, you will also have the option to choose whom you would prefer to room with. We offer the option to raffle for a random roommate selection. If you do choose this option, the Big Kids Table (BKT) staff will pick your roommate based upon age, policy guidelines, and similarities based on your survey results. If you want to choose your own roommate, you will have the option upon paying your initial deposit fee to then provide the email and name of your selected roommate. The BKT staff will then send an automated email to your specified roommate encouraging them to apply and pay the deposit fee. 

PLEASE NOTE: They will then have 48 hours to confirm their reservation by making the initial deposit of $75 and accepting you as their preferred suite-mate. If this is not complete, we hold the right to cancel your registration reservation. 

When going through checkout, we have added the convenience and option for you to create your own payment plan for the conference expenses for the BKT Homecoming Caribbean Cruise Retreat 2022. You are free to develop your own payment plan that best works for you. 

Once you pay your BKT conference expenses, we will email you a personalized booking number coupled with clear instructionsif you'd like to add an extra amentities to your trip.

PLEASE NOTE: $150 needs to be paid by both you AND your chosen roommate by January 7, 2022, to Carnival in order to secure your cabin suite. This will be deducted from your balance as well.

We will then provide further instructions including flight recommendations, itinerary, access to the official BKT Homecoming chat, and more! Thank you! We look forward to traveling across the world with you! 

*Any content (i.e. pictures, videos, gifs, memes, etc.) taken or created by members of the BKT team during the trip is owned outright by The Big Kids Table. BKT reserves the right to use this content at it's own discretion.